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For questions about upcoming training and development opportunities, to contact a member of our sales and consulting team, or for comments, suggestions and general inquiries:

Workforce Development Office of the Vice President
Deb Norris, Vice President
Jeff Miller, Assistant Vice President

Custom Training and Consulting Services
Kandise Bobo, Workforce Solutions Specialist, 937-512-2220
Shannon Bryant, Program Director of Business Development, Warren Co.    937-512-5535
Diana Stonis, Program Director Organizational Effectiveness    937-512-3295
Kym Yahn, Workforce Solutions    937-512-5145

Unmanned Aerial Systems
UAS Training and Certification Center

Dr. Andrew Shepherd, UAS Program Director     937-512-5751
Todd Simpson, UAS Program Manager     937-512-2578
Ryan Palm, UAS Program Coordinator     937-512-4481

Advanced Integrated Manufacturing (AIM) Center
Mike Freed, Senior Consultant, Manufacturing Solutions    937-512-5012

Accelerate MFG
Jim Hill, Project Manager  937-512-3195   
Jessica Stumpff, Academic Coach  937-512-3765

Sinclair Conference Center
Charlotte Simpson, Conference Center Service Manager    937-512-5144
Amy VanDenabeele, Conference Center Assistant Manager    937-512-3021

Conference Center Sales Coordinators
Sue Eakle, 937-512-3324
Kim Hayes, 937-512-5263
Yolanda Newsome, 937-512-4588