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Regional Development

Dedicated to fostering growth and investment in the Dayton region

Sinclair Workforce Development is a committed partner to the Dayton region, working with organizations to help identify successful strategies that retain businesses and bring new economic ventures to our area. In the past, economic development focused on attracting new businesses with financial incentives. Companies now require that a well-trained, educated workforce is readily available when making a decision to relocate or stay in the region. Workforce Development helps meet these growing demands from organizations by assissting them in training and developing their most valuable resource–their employees.

By working closely with the Dayton Development Coalition, Sinclair Workforce Development is engaged in finding ways to continuously provide training and resourses that will help to sustain success and foster growth throughout the region.

Serving as a key partner for Montgomery County Future, a project initiated to seek citizen input, gather information and evaluate the best practices of similar counties around the country, Sinclair Workforce Development is engaged in a plan intended to energize the economy; balance quality of life, services, and taxes; and engage citizens in taking a more active role in facing the challenges that lie ahead and the future success of the county-wide community.

Understanding that a vital component to the region’s success is tied to our national defense industry, Sinclair Workforce Development has aligned with The Advanced Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC) and the Defense Acquisition Academy (DAA) to deliver acquisition and contracting training on regulations and best practices to contracting and technical personnel from the Department of Defense (DOD) and other federal agencies.

By promoting emerging markets and fostering investment through customized training and development offerings, regional and national partnerships and exploring innovative technologies, Sinclair Workforce Development is fully committed to the growth and success of the Dayton region.