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Sinclair Workforce Development is committed to the success of the region through the preparation and empowerment of the area’s workforce. We understand that every organization, large or small, is unique, and we offer customized consulting services that are aligned with your needs.

Workforce Development offers consulting services in three focus areas:

Talent management is an essential focus for any organization. We can help facilitate the development of individual- and group-centered knowledge, skills and abilities, such as leadership assessment, communication and team building.

Understanding how your group’s parts function together is essential to installing the right people in the right positions. We can help you strengthen your group’s performance through analyses of responsibilities/accountabilities, role visibilities, business strategies and succession planning.

What your organization does is only as effective as how it does it. We can help you clarify and streamline your group’s performance by addressing issues like productivity/efficiency, value stream mapping and process improvement at every functional level in your organization.

Sinclair Workforce Development knows the value of flexible, needs-oriented strategies, and we have the expertise and the breadth of experience to provide you with responsive consulting that can make a real difference in the growth of your organization.

For more information on Consulting, please contact us at 937.252.9787 or by email at