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Process Improvement

Sinclair Workforce Development strives to help businesses and organizations achieve continued success by reducing waste and fostering innovation through the implementation of process improvement. By developing custom training and resources catered to fit specific needs, process improvement programming delivered through Sinclair can provide a business with a quick return on investment through increased productivity and the elimination of waste. For upcoming courses in process improvement, click here. For more information on how to start putting the power of process improvement to work for your business, please contact us at 937.252.9787 or by email at

Lean Manufacturing
Being a successful business demands utilizing resources to create greater value. Commonly known as doing business “the Lean way,” it’s about defining value as perceived by the customer – what the customer is willing to pay for – and then improving that value by eliminating waste and optimizing processes. When value increases, market share can increase as well. Lean eliminates waste in all aspects of business, including engineering, finance, production, manufacturing and the supply chain. It works to shape company culture into a learning organization that focuses on continuous improvement, problem solving, teamwork, and developing the workforce. Companies that implement Lean at their facilities have been known to have huge increases in productivity, significant cost reductions, improved quality, and delivery. One of Sinclair’s clients actually experienced a 92% improvement in productivity.

Six Sigma
Six Sigma is a data-driven approach to problem solving, focusing on defect reduction and process improvement, resulting in cost savings. The methodology follows a structured sequence of problem solving techniques to arrive at a solution. Companies of all shapes and sizes are using the methodologies of Six Sigma to reduce defects in their industries and benefit their bottom lines.
Four different colored “belts” are offered in Six Sigma training, each varying in topics and level of expertise.

  • White Belt is a half-day class designed for anyone interested in understanding Six Sigma basics.
  • Yellow Belt is a 3-day workshop designed for people interested in basic improvement of their processes, or serving as Six Sigma team members.
  • Green Belt is a 5-day class designed for those who require problem solving or data analysis as a part of their job.
  • Black Belt is a 16-day class that covers a wide range of problem solving and data analysis tools that users can apply to widely varying needs within a project.