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Assessment & Coaching

Sinclair offers various assessment & coaching packages that are carefully selected to provide a holistic view of  the individual from various perspectives, including: thinking and behavioral patterns; measure of potential on-the-job behaviors relative to predictive skills; the most distinctive, or driving, motivations and work habits; and personality traits.

The Birkman Method® - This assessment consists of ten scales describing “occupational preferences” (Interests), eleven scales describing “effective behaviors (Usual behavior) and eleven scales describing interpersonal and environmental expectations (Needs). A corresponding set of eleven scale values was derived to describe “less than effective behaviors” (Stress behavior).  The Birkman Method facilitates team building, executive coaching, leadership development, career and talent management, and interpersonal conflict resolution through accurately measuring productive behaviors, stress behaviors, and underlying needs, motivations, and organizational orientation.

Life Styles Inventory (LSI) -- The LSI helps individuals gain self-awareness as well as an understanding of the relationship between personal, management, and leadership styles and effectiveness.  LSI styles are related to various indicators of individual effectiveness, including quality of interpersonal relations, openness to feedback, stress, and organizational level. The LSI specifically provides participants with feedback on self and others and reports on personal orientations (Constructive, Passive/Defensive, and Aggressive/Defensive) and 12 specific thinking and behavioral styles associated with these orientations. Results are plotted on a Circumplex, which is normed against 14,000 individuals.

Depending on individual needs, we would select one of the above assessments and use it as a basis for one of the following Assessment & Coaching Programs:

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