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Monthly Breakfast Briefings

Sinclair Workforce Development’s monthly Breakfast Briefing series features prominent speakers from throughout the region sharing their expertise.

This engaging series is built around leading-edge topics, providing participants with insight into successful strategies that are designed to have an immediate impact on businesses and organizations.

All briefings will be held from 8-9:30 a.m. at:
Montgomery County Business Solutions Center
1435 Cincinnati St. Suite 300

Cost to attend is $15 per person. Seating is limited and early registration is highly recommended. Click a link below to register for a briefing.

Upcoming Briefings

July 26
Continuous Improvement Process

Lean/Six Sigma have been touted for many years by larger corporations as a way of implementing continuous improvement processes. This briefing will discuss the basics of these tools and provide a quick and easy way to assess their application.

August 24
Improving Supervisory Effectiveness

As the pace of business quickens, supervisors find less and less time for the development needed to become effective motivators. This session will define the key aspects of front-line leadership that need to be strengthened in order to deepen employee commitment, encourage discretionary effort, and increase overall engagement.

September 28
Celebrating Differences

This session will highlight the differences between invisible and visible disabilities and the flash judgments we make about people with disabilities, and accommodations that can be made for employees with disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

October 26
Body Language

Using the Body Data strategies from this workshop, you will be able to know what people are thinking about you without them saying a word. You’ll learn to read and understand the body and facial signals of others, as well as how to use your own body language to your advantage: moving with confidence, correctly reading a room, and knowing how to listen.

November 30
Levers of Employee Engagement

This workshop incorporates research in which employers identified the top “levers” in day-to-day work, direct management, and organizational teams, and provides an action plan framework that can be used to address these levers in your organization.

December 21
Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus

When it comes to keeping everyone happy in the face of constant change, nobody does it better than Santa Claus! Become a more effective and respected leader in your organization and build a high performance “workshop” with this fun briefing that’s perfect for the holidays.

Past Briefings

Check back here regularly for recaps of past briefings and source materials from our partner organizations.

June 2017:
Multi-cultural Communication