Contact Center Training Program

Contact Center Training Program

Published on September 14, 2018 | Customer Service

Let’s face it, the days of only communicating by phone are long gone, and customer-service now includes email communication transforming “Call Centers” into “Contact Centers.”

Sinclair’s Contact Center Training Program is a complete learning and development solution that encompasses phone and email center best practices, so empowered employees make a difference for customers through clear and effective communication.

By partnering with BenchmarkPortal, a global leader in the industry, Sinclair has developed a solid curriculum focusing in on the foundational skills needed for every team member to thrive in a contact center environment.

The program allows organizations to…

  1. Fill the Talent Pipeline: The results-driven curriculum along with the assessments powered by the Ohio Talent Development Network (OTDN), regional employers can find and hire the right external candidates.

  2. Train Incumbent Workers: By offering existing team members learning and development opportunities with certification options along the way, companies can set employees up for success and promote confidently from within.

To register contact Workforce Development at 937-252-9787.