Practice Gratitude in the Workplace Everyday

Practice Gratitude in the Workplace Everyday

Published on November 30, 2021 | Workforce Development General Interest

Gratitude is a powerful concept. It goes beyond praise and beyond positive reinforcement to create professional bonds. When leaders intentionally spread gratitude in the workplace, they can help their teams, both in-person and remote, keep relationships intact, and maintain motivation.

Below are four ways to start practicing gratitude in the workplace today: 

Lead by example

As a leader gratitude should be a part of your everyday conversations. For example, acknowledge employees’ contributions and validate that they are doing a great job or share how your team’s unique strengths help reinforce the company’s mission. Meaningful verbal appreciation and gratitude can lead to prolonged engagement and performance amongst your employees.

Be compassionate

Our work environment looks very different from a year or two ago. More employees are working remotely and juggling a challenging work-life balance. When people choose to remain dedicated to their company despite the added stressors from work and personal life, it’s important to recognize that sacrifice. Showing empathy and appreciation for your people, not just the work they produce, can go a long way.

Spread positivity

One of the greatest things about expressing gratitude is that it can be contagious. The more gratitude you share, the broader it spreads to others and can positively change the way employees interact, feel, and perform. 

Practice gratitude with mindfulness

It’s no surprise that many of us feel stress while on the job. But, when mindfulness and gratitude are practiced together, their benefits are magnified. Mindfulness can help employees react to challenges with more kindness and acceptance. Together, these practices can create a more positive and stable work environment. 

It’s never too late to start putting these tips into practice to help increase the amount of gratitude in your workplace and keep your employees motivated and engaged wherever they’re located. 

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