Sinclair to Introduce Smart Manufacturing Technologies and Training Programs

Sinclair to Introduce Smart Manufacturing Technologies and Training Programs

Published on October 06, 2021 | Workforce Development General Interest

Sinclair College has received $4.1 million from global aerospace and defense contractor ARCTOS Technology Solutions to develop smart manufacturing technologies and training programs for students and employers. Sinclair is one of three community colleges receiving funding from ARCTOS through a $13 million Task Order by the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL). 

Sinclair will use the funding to develop “digital thread” smart manufacturing programs for students and employers involving digital design/digital manufacturing, Industry 4.0 technologies, and industrial IoT (internet of things). 

“Sinclair Community College is committed to leveraging funding and partnerships to produce innovative workforce solutions for employers and real opportunities for students,” Sinclair President and CEO Steve Johnson said. “We appreciate this opportunity to work with ARCTOS to provide the resources necessary to make sure that the future of manufacturing happens here in Ohio.” 

The Digital Thread concept is a technological framework that helps organize data across the life span of a product--from initial design to manufacturing, operation and maintenance -- interconnecting data, modeling, and analysis to enable better decisions at all product life stages.

Sinclair’s plans include developing a Smart Manufacturing Learning Center to give employers and students hands-on experience with digital thread technologies, introducing a new short-term digital thread certificate program, and developing training programs for Dayton region companies to increase awareness and adoption of digital thread technologies. 

“It is critical to train and prepare the workforce for the future of the manufacturing industry, which is highly focused on automation and related smart technologies,” said Joe Sciabica, ARCTOS Chief Technology Officer. “With our phased strategy and industry resources, we are thrilled to partner with Ohio colleges to significantly reduce the barriers to adopt the latest manufacturing equipment and skills training for the local workforce and establish the region as a leader in Industry 4.0 technologies across the manufacturing supply chain.” 

In addition to the new digital thread programs, Sinclair will purchase new equipment including state-of-the art Precision Machining and CNC machines, 3D printers, an automated logistics material handling trainer, and portable training and demonstration “kits” to engage students and employers. 

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