Sinclair Sparks: Influencer: The Essence of Organizational Success (Virtual)

Our Sinclair Spark series will bring new tools for your employees to utilize in our new work environments. Our expert Facilitators suggest and guide your employee on diverse topics and show them how they may implement these new skills.

Influencer: The Essence of Organizational Success

We all understand that Leadership is a process. The act of leadership does not happen immediately but across many moments and is confirmed by intentional actions. These actions and purposeful moments allow us to gain Influence! We can always get things done yet an organizations journey toward excellence is improved and eased if we are able to build and leverage influence in an intentional way. In this session we will discuss how a Leaders level of influence can improve or distract from the ability to sell ideas, build an individual motivation, and get teams to implement or support decisions.

October 21, 10-11:30 a.m. via Zoom

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