Sinclair Sparks: Lean Office (Virtual)

Our Sinclair Spark series will bring new tools for your employees to utilize in our new work environments. Our expert Facilitators suggest and guide your employee on diverse topics and show them how they may implement these new skills.

Lean Office

The Lean philosophy is about operating the most efficient and effective organization possible, with the least amount of cost and waste. It is an approach that requires companies to make smart use of all their resources - Technology, Equipment, and especially the knowledge and skills of their people. Operating a "lean office" is the application of this philosophy to front-end processes. In this session, learn what defines a "lean office", the difference between lean office and lean manufacturing, 5S, 7 Waste in the office, Swim Lane Mapping, and see examples and results from Lean Office implementations.

June 17, 10-11:30 a.m. via Zoom

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