Digital Thread Initiative

What is the Digital Thread Concept?

The Digital Thread concept is a technological framework that helps organize data across the life span of a product--from initial design to manufacturing, operation and maintenance -- interconnecting data, modeling, and analysis to enable better decisions at all product life stages.

Digital Thread Initiative

Sinclair's Digital Thread Initiative is part of a regional collaboration to support small and medium manufacturers in the growth and development of digital transformation within Industry 4.0. Through a Department of Defense contract awarded to ARCTOS Technology Solutions, Sinclair is poised at the forefront of industry to:

  •  Develop and implement a training program for college faculty and staff.
  •  Engage local manufacturers in digital thread usage, from cybersecurity to supply chain.
  •  Build a smart manufacturing learning lab.
  •  Develop stackable systems of credentials.
  •  Pave the pathways to increase career awareness and skill building for local students.
  •  Develop industry informed credit and non-credit based programs.
  •  Collaborate with the region's Manufacturing Engineering Education Programs.

To discover more about Sinclair Workforce Development or the Digital Thread Initiative, contact us today at 937-252-9787 or