Digital Thread Initiative

What is the Digital Thread Concept?

The Digital Thread concept is a technological framework that helps organize data across the life span of a product--from initial design to manufacturing, operation and maintenance -- interconnecting data, modeling, and analysis to enable better decisions at all product life stages.

Digital Thread Initiative

Sinclair's Digital Thread Initiative is part of a regional collaboration to support small and medium manufacturers in the growth and development of digital transformation within Industry 4.0. Through a Department of Defense contract awarded to ARCTOS Technology Solutions, Sinclair is poised at the forefront of industry to:

  •  Develop and implement a training program for college faculty and staff.
  •  Engage local manufacturers in digital thread usage, from cybersecurity to supply chain.
  •  Build a smart manufacturing learning lab.
  •  Develop stackable systems of credentials.
  •  Pave the pathways to increase career awareness and skill building for local students.
  •  Develop industry informed credit and non-credit based programs.
  •  Collaborate with the region's Manufacturing Engineering Education Programs.

Sinclair Workforce Development is pleased to announce the DIGITAL TAPESTRY SERIES is back for Season 2! Discover how the “weaving” of digital threads help organize data across the lifespan of a product to create a seamless flow of information. Topics are delivered monthly through our “Digital Thread Bytes” podcast and workshops. 

2022 Events

 November 2 Episode 1: What's in a Digital Name?

 November 9 A Morning with Digital Thread

 Bonus Episode What is the Digital Thread

 December 7 Episode 2: Digital Literacy

 December 14 Decoding Data Literacy

2023 Events

 January 4 Episode 3: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Data?

 January 11 Data for Operators

 February 1 Episode 4: What Happens When Lean Manufacturing Meets the Digital Thread?

 February 8 Utilizing Lean for Continuous Improvement

 March 1 Episode 5: Are You Asking the Right Questions?

 March 8 Data Analytics for Business

 April 6 Episode 6: What About Cyber?

 April 12 Cyber Concerns in Manufacturing

 May 3 Episode 7: Dayton Digital Summit

 May 10 Dayton Digital Summit

       Day 1          Day 2 Presentations         Day 2 Panel               Day 3

 June 7 Episode 8: Which Came First, Advocacy or Action?

 July 5 Episode 9: What's Next?

 Season 2 Trailer

 September 6 Season 2 Episode 1: What are the Doers Doing?

 October 8 Digital Thread Experience Day

 October 11 Season 2 Episode 2: Have You Heard About the Killer Robot?

 November 8 Season 2 Episode 3: Is the Discomfort Worth It?

 November 20 Digital Dayton Roundtable


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To discover more about Sinclair Workforce Development or the Digital Thread Initiative, contact Elizabeth Generas, Program Manager at or 937-602-3796