Sinclair College’s National UAS Training and Certification Center represents the culmination of a focused vision dedicated to creating one of the most comprehensive and pioneering facilities for the advancement of the UAS industry through training, consulting, and applied research support. Since 2008, Sinclair College has been at the forefront of UAS innovation, creating partnerships, developing leading curriculum, and investing significantly to establish a nationally prominent program dedicated to meeting the workforce needs of the growing UAS industry.

Sinclair’s UAS Center provides students and researchers with the ability to work with new UAS technologies in an immersive and hands-on environment. The facility supports applied research, development, and training on vehicles and components through advanced unmanned and manned simulation, sensors, avionics, maintenance, engine test, advanced manufacturing and rapid prototyping, data analytics, and wind tunnel labs. Additionally, indoor flight training and testing is made possible in both the UAS Indoor Flight Range and the custom built UAS Indoor Flying Pavilion. Sinclair actively operates UAS in the National Airspace System, originally solely through Certificates of Authorization, then leveraging Section 333 Exemptions, and now during operations enabled through the Part 107 regulations and various granted waivers.

The Center remains at the cutting-edge of UAS training and applied research support through collaborations with leading UAS organizations in academia, government, and industry. The College is honored to be included as a partner in both the Federal Aviation Administration ASSURE UAS Center of Excellence and National Science Foundation Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems, maintains active Educational Partnership Agreements focused on UAS with the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Air Force Institute of Technology, has partnered with NASA Glenn Research Center through a Space Act Agreement, and supports multiple government and industry commissioned UAS applied research efforts.

To provide an interdisciplinary forum for an ongoing scholarly dialogue, Sinclair founded and continues to sponsor the Journal of Unmanned Aerial Systems, a peer-reviewed publication that serves the public as an open-access online resource enabling the development and distribution of knowledge for the UAS industry. Additionally, in collaboration with The Ohio State University, Sinclair founded and continues to host the annual Unmanned Systems Academic Summit, which provides a venue for national and international researchers and educators to network and share their accomplishments.

To learn more, visit the Sinclair National UAS Training and Certification Center at uas.sinclair.edu or call 937-512-4900.