Skills-Based Assessments

There is a rapidly growing need to ensure today’s workforce has the knowledge and skills to meet the needs of employers now and in the future. Skills-based assessments are a valuable means to determine if employees have the skills they need to succeed in a particular job or career field.

Assessments can help determine if an employee is able to work as part of a cohesive team, solve problems or make good decisions. Targeted skill-based assessments are used to measure competencies in areas such as mechanical aptitude or computer proficiency.

Skills-based assessment programs are also a great way to identify, inform and support organizational development and training initiatives and measure consistent progress towards employee development goals.

Sinclair Workforce is committed to offering products and services from a variety of best in class nationally and internationally recognized human capital development tools and resources. Sinclair is a partner in the Ohio Talent Development Network, a statewide workforce development system that connects community college-based workforce professionals to a wealth of assessment, training and professional development resources.

Available selection and development assessments include:

Assessments for Selection

  • Predictive
  • Descriptive
  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Aptitude

Assessments for Development

  • Descriptive Personality
  • Behavioral
  • Leadership Strengths and Styles
  • Team Building
  • Succession Planning

Sinclair provides the technology and expertise necessary when tackling the challenges of talent selection, succession planning and employee development.

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