Located in Lebanon, Client Four provides quality precision machined parts. With over a half century of contract-machining experience, Client Four machines hard-to-turn materials for the aerospace, power-generation, medical, hydraulic and machine tool industries. Client Four employs approximately 40 designers, technicians and machinists utilizing start-of-the-art turning, milling, grinding, EDM and Swiss machining equipment and processes.

Scope of Work

Client Four provides contract machining services to a broad spectrum of industries. Client Four’s focus on supplying highly-engineered, difficult-to-produce parts, precisely, on-time to their clients requires a well-trained workforce. Using internationally recognized Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T) standards to define and communicate engineering tolerances for the production and inspection of the precision parts manufactured for their clients is critical to the company’s success. Assuring all Client Four employees have a working knowledge of GD&T requirements was identified as an area of training focus by Client Four management to support their business needs and a key part of Client Four’s continual investment to grow the skills of their workforce to keep pace with the ever changing contract manufacturing environment.

Customized Solution

Sinclair Workforce developed a GD&T training program to improve the skills of plant employees including designers, technicians and machinists. A two-phased training approach was created providing a basic GD&T training course for newly hired employees with limited previous knowledge and experience followed by an advanced course for more senior employees. The training was customized to incorporate actual product drawings and associated manufacturing process documents for precision parts manufactured by Client Four to demonstrate real-life applications of GD&T concepts.


Multiple sessions were delivered to meet Client Four’s goal of providing its employees with a common understanding of GD&T concepts and applications for the manufacture and inspection of the parts provided to its clients. Offering both basic and advanced level courses ensured that the training was appropriate to all plant employees while maximizing the effectiveness of the program by focusing the course content on the skill level, knowledge and experience of its employees. The two-phased approach also allowed the opportunity for entry-level employees to gain foundational skills prior to advancing to more complex concepts to support its business needs. In addition, it furthered Client Four’s commitment to providing its new and existing employees the skills, career growth and professional opportunities to make them more successful.

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