Client Four specializes in the manufacturing of design-and-build, built- to print customized equipment, contract manufacturing and CNC machining and employs a broad range of capabilities, technologies and methodologies in a lean manufacturing environment to carefully optimize client projects maximizing value without compromising performance. Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, Client Four was founded in 1936 as a metal-stamping shop and by the 1960s it began building high-quality, specialized equipment. Today, Client Four employs a staff of over one hundred skilled machinists, technicians and engineers serving a variety of industries including the alternative energy, consumer and industrial products, defense, medical, optical, semiconductor and robotics sectors. In addition to its manufacturing operations, Client Four also performs service, maintenance, installation and warranty services.

Scope of Work

As a builder of customized equipment, Client Four continuously employs unique solutions to meet the complex requirements of its customers. Throughout all phases of manufacturing, providing high-quality solutions that are delivered on-time while meeting all of their clients’ technical and commercial expectations is critical to the success of its business. Having a well-skilled and cross-trained workforce allows Client Four to maximize the effectiveness of its operations by developing a pool of machinists who can be assigned to a variety of tasks throughout the operation based on the unique requirements of particular projects underway at any given time. Developing multiple skills provides Client Four the flexibility necessary to successfully support both the immediate and future needs of its business. Client Four partnered with Sinclair to develop and deliver a foundational machining skills training program.

Customized Solution

Sinclair developed a customized machining skills training program encompassing manual milling, turning and grinding skills and competencies. In addition, Sinclair developed curriculum covering foundational skills including applied mathematics, metrology, print reading and shop safety. At the request of Client Four management, content on machining economics and the various factors impacting manufacturing costs and profitability were also included. The curriculum was then delivered in a series of three-hour sessions conducted on-site utilizing existing machining equipment over a period of twelve weeks. A combination of classroom instruction and hands-on application including completion of a series of machining projects to demonstrate competency in the various skill areas were employed throughout the program. In addition to allowing program participants to gain familiarity with the concepts on equipment used in their routine daily work, conducting training on-site minimized time away from work for the participants allowing Client Four to effectively schedule the program without impacting production needs to meet its on- going business needs. 


The initial cohort of the machining skills training program was successfully completed by a pilot group of four participants. All of the participants were very satisfied with the program as well as Client Four's management personnel. Program participants reported a significant improvement in their knowledge in all aspects of the subject areas after completion of the training in comparison to their knowledge level prior to beginning training.

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