Client Five is a leading global manufacturer of flavors, fragrances, and ingredients. While headquartered in Europe, they have locations around the world, including Lebanon, Ohio and Cincinnati, Ohio. Client Five employs more than 5,000 people in 38 countries; their facilities include 25 manufacturing sites and 47 research and development centers.

Scope of Work

Client Five is an organization with a deeply vested interest in developing their employees toward growth and success and engaged with Sinclair to provide assessment-based coaching to 22 of their executive-level leaders. Among the employees, some required generalized training to provide greater self-awareness and support growth and development of the leadership team. Others needed more intensive training in specific areas, such as sensitivity training or written and verbal communication. The customized solution divided the employees into three groups based on the amount of coaching Client Five determined they needed: Basic Coaching for two coaching sessions, Moderate Coaching for three coaching sessions, and Comprehensive Coaching for six coaching sessions. Sinclair provided each participant with their assessment, the content of their coaching sessions, and individualized development plan for each employee.

Customized Solution

Below is an outline of the customized coaching program created for Client Five:

Assessment: Sinclair chose the Life Styles Inventory with Item Level Feedback (LSI-1andLSI-2) to provide a holistic view of the individual’s leadership and communication styles from various perspectives. The LSI-1 is designed to help individuals develop a deeper understanding of the relationship between their thinking patterns and the resulting behaviors that makeup their leadership style. The LSI-2 compares the self-assessment results to the consolidated results from the assessment completed by others. This assessment is completed by up to 12 other individuals including higher-level leaders, colleagues, and direct or indirect reports.

One-on-OneCoaching: The assessment-based coaching experience provided these individuals with a holistic view of their leadership and communication styles in an effort to help them effect change in the behaviors that maybe diminishing leadership effectiveness. Sinclair’s experienced, accredited coaches created a safe, trusting environment to quickly build rapport and spark an introspective, thought-provoking dialog with a focus on:

  • Understanding the assessment reports and the significance and implications of the results.
  • Building greater self-awareness of individual behaviors that strengthen or diminish effectiveness.
  • Candid sharing of consolidated feedback to open the lines of communication within the organization.
  • Increasing awareness of blindspots, unrecognized strengths, stumbling blocks, and confirmed strengths.

Individual Development Plan: Throughout the coaching process, the individuals created a development plan that outlines the goals and objectives required to effect and sustain constructive behavioral change. This tool provides a framework for making the coaching and feedback actionable and establishing a foundation of personal accountability.


Feedback from Client Five's employees has been incredibly positive. Participants who have completed the program have responded well to the guidance they have received in their coaching and the insights they have learned about themselves from their LSI1 and LSI2 assessments. The Human Resources team at Client Five is pleased with the development of these individuals, as well as their improved team dynamic. With this very large project, Sinclair has formed a strong training relationship with Client Five. 

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