Client Five manufactures a variety of products that enable the conventional lift truck to become a more versatile and efficient materials handling tool. These products enable a lift truck to pull, push, clamp, lift, side-shift and rotate practically any unit load imaginable. Client Five’s Springfield operation was established in 1959 and employs approximately 200 people machining and assembling cylinders, forks and attachments for a wide range of material handling applications.

Scope of Work

Client Five operates with a flat organizational structure and relies on a group of team leads for front line supervision of its operations to meet day-to-day production, quality and delivery targets. Team leads typically advance into their roles from the production organization based on their technical skills and leadership capabilities and most often have limited training prior to entering the team lead role. Client Five is expected to utilize structured problem solving methodologies associated with the Toyota Production System for Root Cause and Corrective Action. Team leads play a key role in these problem-solving efforts for their departments. Accordingly, senior management requested Sinclair to develop and deliver a customized 5 Why Root Cause Analysis training program for all team leads to provide them with the formal training necessary to lead their employees in root cause and corrective action across the plant.

Customized Solution

Sinclair Workforce developed and delivered a customized, interactive 5 Why Root Cause Analysis training program for 18 team leads representing all departments within the plant. The 5 Why problem solving methodology is a critical component of root cause analysis within the Toyota Production System. Sinclair Workforce has a long standing partnership with a Lean Manufacturing subject matter expert trained in the Toyota Production System at Toyota City in Japan. This partnership allowed Sinclair to support Client Five’s needs with a local resource having direct knowledge and extensive experience with the tools and techniques employed by Client Five’s corporate parent organization. The course curriculum included traditional classroom instruction followed by application of the concepts to specific situations encountered within Client Five’s operations during the time period of the training program. Two facilitated follow-up training sessions were held over a period of 60 days to allow Sinclair’s instructor to review and critique the application of the 5 Why problem solving methodologies to real examples encountered by the team leads in their areas of responsibility after completing their initial training.


A total of 18 team leads from all departments within Client Five’s operation successfully completed the customized training course improving their knowledge and skills in the area of 5 Why Root Cause Analysis methods. Structured follow-up sessions allowed program participants to receive direct feedback and critique in the application of the tools and techniques to actual issues encountered with Client Five’s operations from a subject matter expert with first-hand knowledge and experience in the Toyota Production System. All program participants were highly satisfied with both the program content and the instructor’s knowledge and competency meeting Client Five’s goal of providing their team leads with formal training in 5 Why Root Cause Analysis in support of the plant’s leadership development plans.

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