Client One is a leading manufacturer of wheel and brake system components and assemblies used worldwide in aviation and aerospace markets. Located in Troy, Ohio, Client One employs over 750 skilled engineers, technicians, machinists and operators. The facility performs complex machining and finishing operations using a variety of state-of-the-art machining centers to produce parts from advanced materials and super-alloys required for demanding aerospace applications.

Scope of Work

To support increased business demand, Client One needed to grow its workforce of skilled machinists and operators. Faced with a tight labor market for skilled workers, Client One recognized the need to expand the pool of potential candidates, by adjusting its traditional practices of only recruiting and hiring experienced machinists. In conjunction with the local bargaining unit, Client One agreed to also recruit candidates with previous general manufacturing experience who demonstrated the ability to learn the technical skills required to support their operations. Client One engaged Sinclair to support this new approach to hiring though the administration of appropriate selection assessments and customized training specifically related to the technical skills required in their operations.

Customized Solution

After discussions with Client One personnel to establish the skills required for entry-level positions, Sinclair recommended a battery of selection assessments that would be administered in conjunction with local hiring events organized by Client One. For candidates with previous machining experience, a knowledge-based assessment of machining skills was identified and for candidates with no previous machining experience, a test of mechanical aptitude was identified. Both the recommended assessments were appropriately validated to assure compliance with equal employment regulations. Sinclair provided on-site administration of both assessments during the hiring event and subsequently provided detailed reports to Client One personnel with individual and group results for all candidates assessed.

Additionally, Sinclair has developed an initial training program for newly hired employees who successfully complete the selection process which includes the results of the aptitude and knowledge assessments. The training program has been customized to meet specific needs identified in consultation with Client One personnel and will be delivered on-site to maximize the effectiveness of the program. The training program will compliment traditional on-the-job training provided by experienced skilled employees who will be paired with the newly hired employees during their initial job placements.


Over 150 candidates were assessed during the initial hiring events. Results were provided within one week of the completion of the final hiring event, allowing Client One to extend offers to candidates passing the selection criteria in an expedited fashion meeting the tight time deadlines established by Client One management to support business needs. Based on the success of the initial round of hiring events, a second round was scheduled to further increase the pool of potential candidates. Client One expects to hire 50 new employees who will then enter the formal training program.

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