Client One, a global leader in industrial automation components and systems, established a new Regional Service Center in Mason in 2015. The newly built, state-of-the-art assembly and distribution center covering approximately 200,000 square feet of space provides a more centralized location to serve their Midwestern customer base with shorter transportation times, faster fulfillment of market requirements and higher product availability.

Scope of Work

Client One needed to hire over 100 employees to staff the production, assembly and warehousing operations of the new Regional Service Center. A range of skill levels were required for the various roles within the Regional Service Center ranging from basic entry-level skills to advanced CNC machining skills. In order to assist Client One in making quality hiring decisions, a series of pre-hire assessments were provided to Client One Human Resource management to be used as part of the new employee hiring process.

Customized Solution

The knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for successful performance in the various job positions were identified in consultation with Client One management. Appropriate assessments that were job-related, statistically valid and reliable in predicting the future success of potential job candidates were then proposed by Sinclair Workforce to Client One Human Resource management for review and approval. Entry-level positions were addressed with short, easy to administer, aptitude assessments while higher skilled positions were addressed with more advanced knowledge-based assessments to insure candidates were capable and proficient. Furthermore, these recommendations considered factors related to the administration of the various assessments to provide a solution that most effectively fit the pre-hiring process timeline developed by Client One for staffing and starting operations at the Regional Service Center.


Client One successfully utilized the recommended assessments as part of the new employee hiring process established for the start of operations at the Mason Regional Service Center. The assessments effectively screened candidates yielding appropriately skilled employees for the various job positions required to staff the operation. In addition, Client One was able to administer the assessments with minimal difficulty and limited resource commitment, important factors given the workload on a small HR department associated with a new facility start-up.

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