Client Three, is an American regional airline headquartered at the Dayton International Airport in Vandalia, Ohio, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Airlines Group and employs more than three thousand nine hundred employees. The company has seven flight crew bases and seven maintenance facilities throughout the eastern US.

Scope of Work

Client Three's leadership understands that to compete in a global economy, they must recruit and develop a diverse, culturally competent workforce that is reflective of the growing diversity of the customers they serve. However, the company will not achieve real performance advantages from diversity initiatives alone. They must create the conditions for sharing of different perspectives and encouraging diversity of though by building an organizational culture that integrates diversity and inclusion as a strategic business imperative.

Organizational transformation requires a team of dedicated stakeholders and a well-conceived, well-executed action plan. Sinclair proposed a series of key services in support of Phase I of building Client Three's Diversity and Inclusion Program.

Customized Solution

During Phase I, Sinclair assisted Client Three lay the foundation for building an effective Diversity and Inclusion Program. This phase contained three projects: a Senior Leader Briefing, three Leader Learning Programs; leading the creation of the Diversity and Inclusion Program Committee, and the facilitation of the Diversity and Inclusion Program Committee Orientation Retreat.

Sinclair worked closely with the leadership team to define and develop the case for diversity and inclusion as a business imperative. Sinclair also focused on equipping senior leaders with the knowledge and skills to advocate for and support organization-wide efforts to build a more diverse and inclusive workplace.


  • Reinforced the connection to Client Three's key business objectives and the Diversity and Inclusion Program.
  • Introduced the plan to establish the Diversity and Inclusion Program Committee.
  • Defined leader roles and responsibilities.
  • Established the purpose and goals to guide the work of the committee.
  • Determined how committee members will be selected/appointed.
  • Developed the operational framework of the committee.
  • Gathered/shared feedback on potential concerns or issues that could hinder initiative.
  • Prepared a Diversity and Inclusion Program Committee Guide that incorporated the information and feedback gathered from the Senior Leader Briefing.
  • Surveyed committee members to determine the availability, skills and interests they bring to the strategic initiative.
  • Created a Communication and Collaboration Plan for members to keep each other informed and move the work forward.


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