Custom Learning Programs and Consulting

Sinclair Workforce collaborates with organizations to design custom learning programs that fit their specific needs. Employers count on Sinclair’s proven learning, coaching and consulting capabilities to effectively address those needs.

Developing a strong organizational culture, with an emphasis on learning and development, is a must for achieving results. Organizations built around such key tenets as leadership development, employee engagement and diversity and inclusion lay the foundation for both employees and employers to thrive.

Although optimal organizational design is something any organization can accomplish as they continue to grow and evolve, there will be challenges along the way. Identifying and training for skills gaps, minimizing unconscious bias and providing consistent opportunities for employee professional development are common challenges organizations face.

Sinclair stands ready to help organizations become even more proactive about individual, team, leadership, and organizational development. Some of the services provided by Sinclair include:

  • Employer-specific learning program design and facilitation
  • Tailored team building activities
  • Targeted leadership skills assessments
  • Confidential professional development coaching
  • Highly interactive soft skills learning programs
  • Multilevel succession planning
  • Comprehensive organizational culture inventories
  • Strategic planning around equity, diversity and inclusion

Examples of in-demand courses include:

  • Communication That Connects
  • Managing Conflict With Confidence
  • Diversity Skills for Today’s Workplace
  • Building a Culture of Accountability
  • Coaching for Employee Engagement
  • Excellence in Customer Service

To discuss how Sinclair Workforce Development can partner with your organization, contact us today at 937-252-9787 or workforcedevelopment@sinclair.edu .