Client Two is a world leader in advanced CNC machining centers providing high-performance, leading-edge machine technologies and innovative engineered process solutions for the automotive, aerospace, medical device, and general machining industries. Client Two offers a wide range of high-precision metal cutting and EDM machinery, including horizontal machining centers, vertical machining centers, 5-Axis machining centers, Wire and RAM EDM and graphite machining centers. Client Two also provides comprehensive lifecycle support through various predictive, preventive, routine and emergency maintenance services utilizing a staff of knowledgeable, factory-trained personnel. Client Two North America, headquartered in Mason, Ohio has approximately 600 associates serving key customers such as GE Aviation, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, Caterpillar, Cummins Engine and Honda.

Scope of Work

Client Two established the Personnel Qualification Standard (PQS) training program, a 20-week program to train newly hired field service engineers. The PQS program combines company-specific training related to Client Two products, services and policies with foundational training in the areas of mechanical and electrical maintenance skills. Field service engineers, who are strategically located throughout the United States to service Client Two clients, travel to Mason on a pre-determined schedule during the PQS training program necessitating a flexible solution to support the participants’ travel schedules.

In response to rapid business growth, Client Two experienced the need to hire and train a large number of new field service engineers in a short time frame, stretching their training resources. In order to meet the demand, Client Two partnered with Sinclair to provide the foundational mechanical and electrical training components of the PQS program allowing Client Two training resources to concentrate on the company-specific portions of the program. Utilizing Sinclair for this portion of the program allowed Client Two to meet the aggressive training schedules required to support the rapid expansion of field service engineer hiring.

Customized Solution

The SkillsTrac industrial maintenance training program prepares students with the skills needed to maintain, troubleshoot and repair automation systems and components found in advanced manufacturing equipment such as the advanced CNC machines produced and serviced by Client Two. The program combines online course content with hands-on validation lab content taught in Sinclair’s advanced training lab in Mason, close to Client Two’s North American headquarters. The online curriculum and the flexible, competency-based lab activities support both Client Two’s technical training needs and its scheduling needs. By allowing field service engineers to complete a significant portion of the course content online, while stationed at their homework locations, Client Two is able to minimize the amount of time required to fully train new PQS participants. Additionally, the flexible lab schedule allows participants to complete the required hands-on content during lab periods scheduled around times when participants are already at Client Two’s Mason headquarters for company-specific training, minimizing travel time and costs.


Over 90 field service engineers from 16 states have been trained by Sinclair since the inception of the PQS training program in 2013 and Client Two continues to partner with Sinclair to train new employees as hiring needs dictate. Client Two has also expanded the PQS training program to include field service engineers employed by independent distributors who sell and service Client Two machinery in geographic areas not served directly by Client Two ensuring all Client Two equipment is serviced by technicians trained under this Client Two factory-authorized training program. “Sinclair’s SkillsTrac program has exceeded our expectations both in the quality of the instruction and their ability to meet our schedules. Our new field service engineers are better prepared to meet our customer’s needs and hit the ground running. As an added bonus our students can receive academic credit as well,” said Steve Braxton, Client Two Training Project Leader.

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