Client Two is a world-class Tier 1, international automotive systems supplier located in Troy, Ohio. A member of the F-Tech family, the Troy facility was established in 1993 to support Honda North America automotive supply chain with sub-frame, suspension, and pedal components and assemblies. Manufacturing capabilities include stamping, hydroforming, welding, painting and assembly operations. Today after nearly 25 years of operations, Client Two has approximately 1,000 associates serving such clients as Honda, Toyota and General Motors.

Scope of Work

Client Two works to hire and retain the best talent in the industry. They are dedicated to creating a workplace that encourages employee involvement and provides opportunities for advancement. Creative problem solving, sound decision making and strong technical expertise are required characteristics of their employees. Promoting from within to fill plant maintenance roles is a key strategy, one that has become more critical, given retirements and the competition for available technical workers. Sinclair partnered with Client Two to offer the SkillsTrac Industrial Maintenance Training Program for Associate Technicians and Maintenance Technicians to enhance job skills and abilities.

Customized Solution

The SkillsTrac industrial maintenance training program prepares students with the skills needed to maintain, troubleshoot and repair automation systems and components found in advanced manufacturing operations. The program combines on-line course content with hands-on validation lab content taught in an advanced training lab. The program is made up of multiple levels which grow in complexity with successive levels. The combination of the modular, hybrid curriculum and the flexible, competency-based lab activities support Client Two's training needs and its scheduling needs. Allowing associates working multiple shifts to participate in the program building a pool of trained employees required to support production operations.


Over 25 associates have successfully participated in the SkillsTrac program over the past five years earning multiple certificates in each of the five levels of the SkillsTrac program. With nearly 1,000 installed robots in the facility, associates trained through the program have gained the technical skills required to support the plant’s production operations meeting a critical challenge facing Client Two, developing employees with the necessary technical skills and knowledge.

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